Solo Exhibition
Why landscape? Peace, serenity, and harmony. 
Finding my identity between two cultures has been perplexing 
and a point of contention for most of my life.
Caught between these two worlds, like the horizon,
I will always find solace and belonging while painting silence. 
“Third Home” refers to this moment and feeling.
2021.11.06[Sat] - 11.20 [Sat]
13:00-19:00 closed Wednesday and Thursday
4-41-14 Shibuya-ku Yoyogi Tokyo JAPAN 151-0053
I made a short film to record my process and travel.
Locations: Lake Nojiri, Lake Aoki, and Mt. Myoko.

Full Video

Photo by Shin Maeda
Unhurried and soundless ground
Fragments once lost returning in fold
Above the clouds and I am found

The soft gray sheets lift clearer
Ending these faithless recurring
My mind is all but saunter and serene

Waking the longing eyes
And a far green country
I humor belonging

Though it rolls forward and back
Over and under swift winds
Gently carrying my brush

My role is yet to reclaim
But not lost
For I sought myself above the clouds

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