Dean Aizawa アイザワ ディーン 
b. 1993 Japan
Dean is a visual artist based in Tokyo with artistic roots in San Francisco where he studied fine art painting at the Academy of Art University. Dean is also a hiking organizer for Open Country, an international outdoor community in Japan. 
2015 featured, "21 Under 31 Emerging Artists in 2015", Southwest Art Magazine
2015 featured, "A Quiet Moment with Dean Aizawa", Bobcut Magazine

2015 solo exhibition, "Tama", Another Cafe, San Francisco
2016 group exhibition, "Roots", 111 Mina Gallery, San Francisco
2017 solo exhibition, "Hills by the Bay", Kaisu, Tokyo
2019 solo exhibition, "dean", Local Coffee Stand, Tokyo
2021 artist residency, Rokko Nomad, Kobe 
2021 solo exhibition, "Third Home", tor Gallery, Tokyo